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Date: Sun 22 Oct 2017
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Healthcare Cleaning Services


Aire Valley Cleaning Services is committed to successfully fulfil the cleaning and janitorial needs of the medical community from doctor's surgeries and clinics to dentists and all private healthcare facilities.

Our cleaning services are individually designed to reflect the quality care that you provide to your clients on a daily basis as well as meet the requirements of CQC and Infection Control. Whilst Aire Valley Cleaning Services provides documentation and schedules for your cleaning routine, lists alone are not a guarantee of quality. Many dirty offices have beautifully bound work schedules detailing what should get cleaned on which day.

Our methods rely not only on strictly regimented training and cleaning practices, but also on instilling a very common sense approach in our cleaners: sterile areas should be sterile, chrome should shine, hard to reach areas are not an excuse for dust, and if it’s dirty, its cleaned on every visit regardless of written schedules. In other words, we do the right thing during each service to allow you to focus on your core business and not cleaning issues.


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